Inspired by the world’s oldest living aboriginal cultural in Australia, the collection URBAN TRIBE explores the contrast in values and mentality of indigenous cultures and our consumer society. The URBAN TRIBE collection is both a revolution and a celebration. A revolution of forgotten values in our modern society and a fight against the way we overexhaust and control everything around us. A celebration for the human spirit and energy in our urbanized world, where the human soul wants to be freed. It is the celebration of awakening. By using up only descarded waste materials and turning trash into treasure, the URBAN TRIBE collection is spreading the message about our wasteful unconscious living, and urging to be mindful in the modern world.
Director of Photography: Janis Zirnitis Producer/Director of Film: Ragnar Roostalu Make-up Artist: Sille Randviir Hairstylist: Santa Adele Krastina Models: Bello G. Madsen, Diana Trieu, Kostas Ouzounoglou, Noomi Mikkelsen Behind the scenes footage: Greta Martinaityte Special thanks to: Felicia Varga, Anikó Kecskés, Lasse Nygaard, Vytautas Gluoksnis, Kultur Fabrikken, Herning Rock Crew