We live in a disconnected world. Our modern fast spaced consumer society is a result of a great disconnection. A disconnection and separateness between humans and nature that led to the misuse of the planet, and our place on Earth. There is a collective need for change. Through a performance based, interdisciplinary design practice working with contemporary dancers and developing upcycled garments for movement, the short film reflects on human-nature disconnect, identity and the human soul’s place in our modern consumer society. It is a message of unity and the idea, that there is life beyond the conditioning cultural norms and values of our society.
Director: Luca Levai & Fabio Mota Producer: Oliver Woodward Cinematography: Fabio Mota Steadycam Operator: Beaumont Pritchard-James 1st AC/ Focus Puller: Hermes Contreras Runner: James Lahaise Original Concept & Costume Design: Luca Levai Concept written for the screen: Zeynep Oguz Hair and Make up Artist: Janet Johnson Set Photographer: Alastair (Bertie) Searles Editor: Oliver Mcguirk Composer: Ben Frost Dancers: Josh Jones, Cuba Wallen, Violeta M. Valcheva, Yamina Liara